My fiance and I purchased a diamond engagement ring from the Jewelry Exchange in Bethesda. Prior to the purchase, they never disclosed to us that the diamond had been drilled, which according to a gem appraiser, is against the law.

The gem buyer I spoke with told me it was a worthless stone and he could not even offer me a price for it, and that the diamond had no significant value, and certainly not worth what we paid.

My fiance is enlisted in the Air Force and we do not have the money to take them to court over this, which I'm sure is what they count on because during this whole nightmare of searching for an affordable engagement ring we learned that there were many complaints against this store over similar practices. I tried to get them to at least refund the money on the diamond itself, but they were rude to me and told me too bad, all sales are final and we don't give refunds.

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Everyone is going to have a different experience depending on which Exchange you go to. I happen to know exactly what they are talking about.

I went to Eagan Minnesota and had the most wonderful experience. I purchased a larger diamond for my wife ring and 20 anniversary, a bit over 1/2 carrot, replace diamond in my wedding ring, make a earing out of my diamond. You cannot beat the service at Eagan Minn. store.

Now the bad news the Colorado Store. Rude Manager, stick welder playing to be a jeweler, Reset the beautiful work done by Eagan store and GLOBULATED the gold at the base, Placed the diamond at about 30 degrees off center, and did not have the time to put a final polish on the ring. The second ring, a 3 Marquise cut sapphire and diamond ring. The ring needed build up on the V prongs that hold the stones in.

I could not even recognize the ring. This ring was to be sent to California for a professional to complete the work but I do not believe this happened. When I looked at the ring I did not know what the heck they did, The shank had been altered, they did not perform a simple build up and repair, the V prongs were cut off and ugly balls of gold were jammed into the sapphires, the stones are pointing all different directions, high on one side and low on the other. The ring is ruined and I do not know how it can be fixed.

The manager of the Colorado store became very defensive when I said the gold was GLOBULAR, the manager then proceeded to scold me. I calmly asked about the shoddy work, then he started to demand that I apologize, for asking about this globbed gold, to everyone in the store. So I yelled at him to shut his smart mouth and get goods. The manager kept up with his smart mouth so I kept Yelling at him to shut his mouth and get my damaged jewelry.

The manager once the situation was defused came back 2 more times smart mouthing my wife with rude and antaganistic questions about me. My wife told him that if he wanted to keep up his actions he can deal with me. I once again yelled at him to shut his smart mouth at my wife. Having had 2 employees apologize for his repetitive rude behavior "that happens all the time" sounded like a plea for help.

Having read the local complaints and they are shocking to say the least. The complaints were horrific with women crying over the work that is being done at the Colorado Denver Tech. Center Jewelry Exchange. And the concerns are exactly what I am going threw.

Please Close the repair department immediately and stop the damaging of expensive and emotional attached to fine jewelry that actually means a lot to folks until you can find a jeweler qualified to perform what should be simple every day tasks. And Yes these guys at DTC ruined my wife's ring beyond belief.

I know the Jewelry Exchange to be better than this and will send only the sapphire ring to be fixed, if that is even possible. And by the way this so called manager really should be fired.

He was just a few more word to my wife from being dragged outside and taught the manners and respect we have for women here in the United States of America.

To the employees, I will do my best to see that you do not have to listen, put up with, possibly be confronted with this thing you folks have to call your manager.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #651480

Ripping a young couple off, particularly one of whom is our US service men for the price of an engagement ring is horrible enough, but when it turns out to hold no monetary value, that is just despicable business practices.

I was going to shop at the Jewelry Exchange for a diamond necklace, but now, I will not shop there until or unless you print a retraction to this complaint.

While I realize that there is no substantiation to your complaint, I find it much easier to believe and understand your allegations than the comment made in rebuttal from InTheRough. It seems plain that this person from Los Angeles has a connection with that company and cannot be believed.

I will pass the word to people I know in the military and the young couples I've met through the various sheriff's offices looking for a decent place to shop for jewelry. I will warn them to say away from the Jewelry Exchange.

Thanks for your cautionary tale.

Los Angeles, California, United States #651465

I don't understand what you guys are talking about. The Jewelry Exchange is great.

I got such a great value on my fiancé's engagement ring, I will go back for all my jewelry purchases. :roll

to InTheRough #1390104

lol get appraised and you will see..


I brought my Mother's ring in to the store in Villa Park IL, to have a new stone put in it. They switched out the ring and won't do anything to compensate me. Don't go to them they are frauds.

to AKarras Chicago, Illinois, United States #1331013

I went to the jewelery exchange and purchased a 2kt diamond worth nothing!! It has a huge crack in the middle of it i was told a cubic zirconia was worth more!

I tried taking it back i was told tuff!!! Im stuck with a piece of crapp!

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