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The diamond exchange is a great place for jewelry. Great staff that knows their product, and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend them to anyone.

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The same exact diamond has fallen out of the halo on my engagement ring FOUR TIMES, yet they want to charge me for it. Clearly the initial "repair" was never done correctly, even when done under warranty. This last repair literally lasted only TWO DAYS. Paid $107.86 for the third repair on Saturday, 7/23/16, and on Monday, it had already fallen out again. We no longer wish to conduct any business with The Jewelry Exchange (neither corporate nor... Read more

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Paid 5200 for 1.10 carat diamond solitiare ring only to find out almost a year later when i had it appriased it didnt match the diamond certificate dont buy online. From them

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My husband and I went to the Jewelry Exchange on 2/19/16, to pick out a ring for our 20th wedding anniversary. First thing is we picked the ring setting. There was no problem there. Then when it came time to pick out the diamond, it turned into a nightmare. The sale person kept showing us diamonds of low quality and very yellow. We were looking for a round diamond about 1 cart. The price range was 2500 to 4500. After two hours of them... Read more

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Cancelled a order minutes after ordering. Jay said it was fine he would take care of it. Instead the cancelled ordered showed up anyway a month later. Now thier wanting to charge 65.00 for shipping and sizing. I had to pay to ship back a canceled order and now they want me to pay for thier mistake. Be careful shopping here. The quality of the ring that was shipped was poor at best. I would recommend they show you the actual diamond... Read more

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This place sucks pay a lot of money for a ring and it broke

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Sold me a ring that cost me $1450 that I found out later wasnt worth anything! I will never recommend this place or ever step into Jewerly Exchange again!

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I got a new wedding set on 12-6. First diamond fell out 12-29. Center stone fell out 3-14 and third diamond fell out 7-27. Since the ring is still under warranty, they will replace stones at no charge. After the 1 year warranty, I have to start paying for this defective ring. This place is a ripoff and their jewelry is substandard. That is why they only offer a 1 year warranty. The joke is that when the center stone fell out the corporate... Read more

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After years of marriage and 4 children, my husband decided it was time to upgrade my $80 wedding band. We went to the jewelry exchange and were immediately treated with kindness. We were shown a selection of rings based on my day to day duties. I fell in love with a certain ring and was told it could not be sized. I proceeded to purchase to bands to go on the sides of "said" ring. 3 days later I picked up the ring and was told it could have been... Read more

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My fiance and I purchased a diamond engagement ring from the Jewelry Exchange in Bethesda. Prior to the purchase, they never disclosed to us that the diamond had been drilled, which according to a gem appraiser, is against the law. The gem buyer I spoke with told me it was a worthless stone and he could not even offer me a price for it, and that the diamond had no significant value, and certainly not worth what we paid. My fiance is enlisted in... Read more

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